what could i say? i got awards! thank you khonsaa! love you dear..
well. these are the rules.
1. put these awards into your blog
2. spread this award to other blogs
3. place a link to the award presenter and the recipients
4. let them know! (you can put a message in their cbox or whatever)

so. I'll give these awards to dhany, indah, messya, dini, tya, du, nisun, nuri, caca, fykung, hmm... who else? ah. sujuers of course.
hope you guys happy with these awards.
okay.I'm done. really thankful to khonsa. these awards really make my day.=)


effika said…
gw nggaaaak :(
indah said…
ky, tinggal ngopy-paste gambarnya ke blog gw doang ya?
okky said…
iya ndah.benarr sekali..

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