Tuesday, August 31, 2010

busa minyak

'buka bersama minyak'

petrofamily tm09 presents.
free for PATRA only.

sukses :)

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Monday, August 30, 2010


8eh radio ITB presents:


@ Bandung Institute of Technology
October 1st 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

hell-o a-gain

heyhoo buddies finally i have a time between all the tasks and taplok's stuff et cetera.

in this time, i think i'll try to write in english in order to make my english better. well in the future i need to speak english in everytime since i will work out there in petroleum industry.

hmm actually i want to share somethin with you guys about my major, petroleum engineering. after i graduate from petroleum engineering, i'll be in petroleum industry, and if i work in petroleum industry i'll be a member of SPE. what is SPE? it's Society of Petroleum Engineers.

but for student like me, i can't join SPE yet. but i can join SPESC, Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter. there are 5 SPESC in Indonesia, it's SPESC-ITB, UI, UGM, oops i forget the other two sorry :)

in SPESC, you'll teach how to be a professional petro-engineers. you'll be teach how to make a good paper, you'll practice your english, you'll participate in field trip, et cetera.

hahahaa actually i've just given this information yesterday from my senior and i found it interesting. so if you guys wanna know more, you can open


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happy fasting guys :)
happy fasting fellas  :)